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The Mission of TRARON (Training Squadron One) is to be the sole authorized provider of formation training and certification for members of the Commemorative Air Force. Such activities will be in accordance with the National FAST protocol and CAFRs. TRARON will also serve as the liaison and signatory representative to the National FAST Board.

Dear Traron Members,

Iím sure that it is apparent to all of you that you havenít heard much from Traron over the last several months. I will go over a bit of history for you to bring you all up to date on where we stand at the moment. Last October, Lance Sommers was appointed as Traron Lead and I believe that he led the formation flights at Airshow at that time. Since then, Lance has become MIA and no one has been able to contact him in any way. The absence of a leader is like an aircraft with no one at the controls. Eventually, the ship will stall and crash. Traron has been in the buffet just before the stall with no one at the controls. In discussions over the phone and at Dubuque this summer a group of us decided to grasp the controls, push the stick forward to avoid the stall and get the organization started once again. This group is Julie Smith, Jim Munn, Chuck Marshall, Morris Ray and myself.

No plans had been made to have a formation clinic at Odessa prior to Airshow so we are moving forward to make that happen. Julie has contacted the Desert Squadron and they are ready for us with their usual great hospitality and beautiful facilities. Jim is in contact with the FBO at ODO and is trying to negotiate fuel discount for us. I have been in contact with headquarters to get the process approved and Chuck is getting the documents ready to be available for registration. Our plan for the clinic will be the same as in the past. We will meet on Wednesday evening for a ground school and Thursday and Friday will be for flying. On Friday afternoon, we will all fly over to MAF for the start of the air show on Saturday. We will get as much flying done as possible and we will have ground schools for both newbys and lead candidates. We would like to start the ground school as close to 6pm on Wednesday as possible so try to arrive a bit early so you are ready to go. The Desert Squadron will have sandwiches available for us so we donít have to worry about getting food in the middle of the process.

In order to help soften the blow of the fuel price, Traron will give each person in attendance a $100.00 fuel voucher that you can use at the FBO. The CAF is also allowing 600 gals of fuel to be split by all the pilots that fly in the air show on Saturday and Sunday. It isnít a lot but it will at least help ease the pain a bit. All of you that have attended the ODO clinic in the past know that the food the Desert Squadron offers up is the best around and no one should go hungry while we are training

Please try to make plans to attend. You can find a registration form attached to this note or on the website. Please send them to Chuck Marshall as soon as possible so we can let the desert Squadron know how many folks to expect. Chuckís contact info is on the registration form. I know many of you may have questions so you can contact any of us for further updates or information about formation flying in general. If you need info on the qualifications for wing or lead pilots, those can be found on the website under FAST Foundations and Principles. They can also be found at but our website will just take you to the website. For other questions contact any of us at the following:


Rick†† Hosking††



Julie†† Smith



Jim†† Munn



Morris†† Ray††



Chuck†† Marshall


At Midland in October, a discussion will be held with the intent being to appoint a new Traron Lead. If any of you have input on that subject, donít hesitate to contact any of us or Bob Stenovik at HQ. All thoughts will be honored. We look forward to seeing all of you at the clinic and Airshow so get your registration forms in as soon as possible.


Keep†† emí Flying,††††††††




P.S. Non-≠CAF pilots may attend the formation clinic as well so get your buddies to come with you. All they need to do is get the proper endorsements on their insurance certificates and present those certificates at the clinic. Those of you flying non-CAF aircraft must also> have the same endorsements on your insurance certificates. There is usually no cost for the endorsements but you need to plan ahead and be sure to bring a copy of your insurance with you at registration. You wonít be able to fly without the proper insurance forms. The proper statements to be added to the insurance certificates can be found on the registration form









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