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The Mission of TRARON (Training Squadron One) is to be the sole authorized provider of formation training and certification for members of the Commemorative Air Force. Such activities will be in accordance with the National FAST protocol and CAFRs. TRARON will also serve as the liaison and signatory representative to the National FAST Board.

Rick Hosking

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Good Morning Traron Pilots,

It has been a while since I have had time to communicate with you all. I know some of you have had questions about a clinic being held at the Midland Airshow. My previous two newsletters asking for input on whether a clinic was wanted, garnered no interest so the decision was made not to forge ahead. I guess that the date change from October back to late August had a lot to do with the lack luster response since Midland is hot-­‐hot in August. Right now, the future of the home show clinic is a bit up in the air, With the move to Dallas, a home show is uncertain. Headquarters reports that they will have an air show in the future but no one knows quite when that will happen for the first time. Upgrades to the airport and home offices must be made in order to make an air show possible. The Midland show may move back to its October time frame in the future but I haven’t heard anything to confirm that as yet. The date was moved this year due to the availability of the Thunderbirds. They were available in August but not in October.

I did have a chance to attend the Dubuque pre-Oshkosh clinic held by NATA this year and many Traron pilots were in attendance. We managed to get quite a lot of flying and training done and everyone seemed to have a great time. It was the first time Laurie and I had the chance to attend DBQ in about 8 years so it was really special for us to get a chance to reconnect with many old friends. While at DBQ, I had a chance to talk to many of our Traron folks and discussed a clinic that will be held on the east coast in the fall. The National Capital Squadron will be holding their annual air show and clinic from October 6th through 10th. The clinic will be held from the 6th though the 9th with their Potomac flyover on the 9th and the Airfest on the 10th. I understand that this has been a great experience in the past so if you are close enough to participate, mark the date on your calendar and make an effort to attend. I will attach their registration form and air show waiver form to this newsletter for your convenience. Information regarding the event can be had by contacting Mike Ginter or Jim Koch. Their contact info is on the registration form.

Traron formation clinics have been somewhat hard to come by lately. Several venues that used to hold annual clinics have fallen by the wayside and no new sites have been started. As I have mentioned many times in the past, all it takes to hold a clinic is interest from a squadron or wing and a few airplanes. The clinic does not have to be large. Four or five aircraft are enough. What we need, is someone willing to sponsor the event and a reasonable venue. Traron will try to be sure that the sponsoring group has enough instructors and check pilots to make the event a success. We will even send those IPs or check pilots at Traron expense if necessary. There is help available, all you need to do is ask.

I have now had a chance to read a couple of articles concerning the “Arsenal of Democracy Flyover” at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. and I want to congratulate all the folks that were involved with that event. Many of our CAF people were involved with that effort and I must say, it was a magnificent success. The planning and execution of the flyover was a masterpiece. Thank you to all who were involved in every aspect since there was much more than just flying.

Keep em’ flying,










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August 17, 2015


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