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Last Update:

November 5, 2013



The Mission of TRARON (Training Squadron One) is to be the sole authorized provider of formation training and certification for members of the Commemorative Air Force.  Such activities will be in accordance with the National FAST protocol and CAFRs.  TRARON will also serve as the liaison and signatory representative to the National FAST Board.


TRARON dues for 2014  are now due.  Select FORMS and TRARON DUES FORM.  Please complete the renewal form and mail to Chuck Marshall with $35.00 fee.    CAF annual dues are payable to CAF Headquarters.




To All TRARON Members  from Robert A. Stenevik

Vice President of Safety, Maintenance and Operations

Commemorative Air Force

October 31,2013


Good Evening Everyone


I have coordinated Morris Ray’s resignation as TRARON Lead and Lance Sommers acceptance of the position, as Morris recommended. The transfer of leadership is approved effective today. Morris, you have done a lot for the group and know you will continue your support of TRARON and the CAF. You are a true gentleman and have done a great service for all during your tenure. Thank you!


Lance, thank you for taking over and best of luck moving TRARON forward, Buddy and I look forward to working with you to tie the link between the unit training programs and the clinics to build the number of formation qualified pilots in the CAF. I would also ask you to work with Buddy on the formation for large aircraft and see how we can build the ranks among that group as well.

Sent for Robert A. Stenevik


Charles C. Marshall, Traron Finance Officer

53820 Crystal Creek Lane

Elkhart, IN 46514

e-mail to






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