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The Mission of TRARON (Training Squadron One) is to be the sole authorized provider of formation training and certification for members of the Commemorative Air Force. Such activities will be in accordance with the National FAST protocol and CAFRs. TRARON will also serve as the liaison and signatory representative to the National FAST Board.

Dear Traron Members,

In my last letter to you all, I wrote about the proposed changes to CAF regs 60‐1 concerning formation training and the proposed CAF formation card. As of now, the final revision is still not ready but as of the last information that I received, there will be wording that would be more acceptable to Traron concerning the training required to achieve the CAF formation card. I hope that the final product is consistent with what I have seen. As I mentioned before, the main concern of Traron leadership is to be sure that the people that achieve the CAF formation card are trained to the same rules and standards that Traron trains to. This would insure that when pilots get together, they would all be using the same rules and signals. That is, can attempt to keep our formation flying as safe as possible. Accidents in this realm are tragic for all involved and would probably cause the FAA to bring a halt to all formation flying in the future.

Another concern about our formation flying has cropped up in the last couple months. An FAA inspector came across some language in an FAA document concerning energy directed at the crowd during aerobatic flight and non‐aerobatic formation flight and the FAA has decided that it wants to be more critical of our performances and start to enforce this statute. Jim Tobul, FAST president, has been in communication with the FAA on this issue and has received some relief from the enforcement, at least until the next iteration of the rule is issued in the future. I will enclose Jim’s letter to the FAA and the FAA director’s response. Each of you flying in formations in waivered airspace should have a copy of this letter in your possession to show to an inspector if asked. As always, you should also have the other normal documents in your possession that have been required for a long time. This new enforcement doesn’t really affect most of the flying that we have been doing at air shows since almost all of our maneuvers are directed along the show line or are at an altitude of at least 1000 feet anytime we are over the crowd. The folks that it does impact are the formation acro groups that have put together a routine such as the Aeroshell team, the RV formation acro teams, etc. It is still important to carry the letter from the director just as a precaution. I know that this is not a lot of information, but it is all I have for now. When more becomes available, I will forward it on to all of you.

With my last newsletter, I requested input on holding a formation clinic at Odessa in conjunction with the High Sky Wings’ air show that will be held in the end of August. I only got one response and it was in favor of a practice day for carded pilots prior to the show and not in favor of a clinic as such. Time is getting short and the High Sky Wing and the Desert Squadron are in need of information concerning our clinic if we are to hold one. I am still looking for input to assess the interest level of our members. As the old saying goes, speak now or forever hold your peace. If I don’t receive some interest I will let the folks in Texas know that we won’t be holding a clinic this year. Please let me know your feelings as soon as possible so that I can get back to the folks in Midland and Odessa right away.

I am sure that many of you are doing a lot of air showing by now so keep it safe and have a great time. I hope to go to Dubuque in July and I hope to see many of you there.

Keep‘em Flying


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June 16, 2015


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